Yandex Mail

easy to use email with spam protection

Automatically scan for viruses and spam, and easily manage newsletter subscriptions.

Choose an exclusive address

Yandex Mail will help you pick a unique address that stands out.

Read all of your emails in one place

Use the email importer to forward incoming mail from other email accounts to your Yandex Mail inbox.

Manage your messages and newsletter subscriptions

You don't need to arrange messages into folders: smart Yandex Mail tools do if for you. You won't need to unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters: Yandex Mail will do it for you.

Communication is easy

You don't need a dictionary to communicate in a foreign language: Yandex Mail translates messages for you. Smart suggestions and delayed sending make it even easier to work.

Your emails are safe and secure

  • Our secure filter system intercepts emails from fraudsters and spam. Every email is checked automatically!
  • Data is stored in secure storage and encrypted when transmitted: no one can intercept it.
  • Two-factor authentication with a linked phone number is more secure than just a password.
Yandex Mail is a Yandex 360 service. Your own space to manage day-to-day tasks — from storing personal memories to writing business emails.

Yandex Disk

  • Store important files on Yandex Disk. Easily share them with friends and family: just send the link.
  • Unlimited storage for photos and videos from your phone. You can enable auto-upload to ensure you never lose anything.
Yandex 360 Premium plans give you even more features in services you already use
  • An exclusive email address makes your message stand out
  • Manage newsletter subscriptions: unsubscribe from unwanted mailing lists in one click
  • No ads in Yandex 360 services
  • Additional space on Yandex Disk: 200 GB, 1 TB, or 3 TB
  • Backups of important folders and storage of deleted emails for six months
  • Unlimited Yandex Disk storage for photos and videos from your phone

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